About NinjaLender
NinjaLender is an exchange of refused loan applications. The principle of the exchange is reflected in the following diagram
The borrower applies to financial institution A, expecting to receive certain finances on credit, but since financial institution A has its own criteria for selecting borrowers, our borrower may not receive a loan. But at the same time, our borrower may be a responsible borrower whose credit rating is a few points lower than the minimum allowed by the organization A. Or his region of residence is not suitable for obtaining a loan. But in the end, the organization A also worked on the application which subsequently did not bring profit. And the borrower was not satisfied. At this moment NinjaLender comes into play. Organization A places the borrower's application on the stock exchange, and already other members of the stock exchange under whose criteria the borrower is suitable will buy this application and satisfy the end-customer's need for a loan.
  • For organization A, the costs of processing the application are compensated
  • The organization that buys the application receives the lead already partially worked
  • The borrower receives the satisfaction of their needs
Last modified 4yr ago